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Who are we?

SCREAMING MONKEY COMICS has been in business (more or less) since 2002.   

It's been a long and windy road, filled with surprises, changes and comebacks.

It all started with John and Christina Yeo, and a tiny little store in Crown Point, Indiana.


In 2002, the first store opened up in Crown Point, Indiana.

Nestled in the corner of a small mall  (between the driver's 

licence facility and a nail salon) it wasn't exactly easy to

find.  But those who did loved what was behind those doors.

Back then, we played with a few different slogans such as

"It's All About the Capes" and "Are You a Screamer?"

It wasn't just comics, though.   Trade paperbacks, action figures,

collectible statues, tabletop gaming supplies, posters, t-shirts.

(And there was always an awesome pinball machine ready to play.)


We prided ourselves on our good service, friendly atmosphere,

and an amazing subscription service that you could count on

to deliver everything you ordered----no matter if it was a regular series, a specific variant cover or a random, obscure one-shot.

We did it all.

And then, you know, stuff happened.   In 2008, mostly due to the economic recession that crippled the country, Screaming Monkey Comics closed business.   There was a party to end all parties held on our last night, drinks were imbibed, and the sale was epic.  Many of the signage went home as souvenirs to our friends.  We kissed the pinball machine good-bye.   And life went on, of course.

Christina got a new job as an art director at a rising ad agency in Chicago.  John started a new career as a table games supervisor for a local casino.  And best of all, they went on an entirely new adventure by becoming parents to a beautiful little trouble maker named Cameron.   Life went on.



The truth is, we never got this business out of our blood.  It's been a twelve year absence, and we

both still said, every once in awhile, "We'd do it all again if we had a second chance."

That second chance is here.   In 2019, after an eleven year absence, SCREAMING MONKEY COMICS has returned to bring fun to an area that's been needing a great collectible store for years now.  We've heard the call, and we're here to hang out.  We hope you'll join us for years to come.

Now go read something!

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