Hello everyone!   SCREAMING MONKEY COMICS will soon be hosting another ART OF THE COMIC BOOK seven-week workshop.   The fee is $35 for the entire class, and it will run every Sunday for seven weeks.   Our first class meets on Oct. 18th from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., and will be running every Sunday after that.   I’ve had a few people ask about more details, so here is what you should be looking forward to!




So you want to get into comics!  Well, who wouldn’t?   Whether you just want to improve your storytelling ability, you’re curious about self-publishing your own comics, or you’d like to someday break into the professional market, this is a great class to get you started!  Here’s what you should know from my class.


This is not exactly a master class in writing or art, per se.    I can give you plenty of  pointers, but my goal is to take the skills you already have in your toolbox and using them to the best of your ability to tell a great, coherent story.    Here's some of the topics we'll cover in our class:


• The creation of a comic, and why do you want to do one?

• Evolving from comics written on notebook paper to actual art boards

• The right and wrong ways to do a comic book page

• The different stages that comic books are created

• Coming up with your very own 8-page short story script 

• The basic tools you’ll need to create your own comic book

•  Thumbnails, and why they’re important

•  Things to do (AND NOT TO DO!) when telling a comic book story

•  Editing your own work 

•  Penciling your first pages

•  All about lettering, word balloons and all the other things that tell a story

•  An introduction to Photoshop – is it right for you?

•  Uncapping the pens and markers – the craft of tracing.....I mean, inking

•  Determining the best way to finish a book that works for you

    (Should I pencil everything first?  Do one page at a time?  That sort of thing)

•  We’ll discuss what’s involved in self-publishing your own comics.

•  We’ll chat about the realities of breaking into the professional comic book industry.

There is no single best method for creating a comic book.  Everyone has their own art style.

This class is all about finding the best ways to present YOUR story, whether you plan to submit it professionally or self-publish it as a talented amateur.

As we walk through our lessons, you will be creating a full 4 to 8-page comic book story of your own.  When the class is finished, we'll be taking our short stories and putting them together into the SCREAMING MONKEY COMICS ANTHOLOGY, which we will print and sell here at the store for you and your friends to appreciate forever!

For the first class, please bring a notebook and writing materials.   We'll be providing materials for the class as the weeks move on.


 You may have the desire just to tell one page comic strips, or you might have plans for a twelve-issue mini-series of 40 pages each----but whatever your ambition is, our hope is that after this class, you’ll be better equipped to tackle whatever comic project you have!


If anyone is interested in this course, please reserve your spot in the class by October13th.   

The class fee is $35 (total for the entire course) and can be paid on the first day of attendance.   Hope to see you then!  If you have any questions, just call (219) 301-7920.

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