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NOVEMBER 17, 2021

This week, we discuss the casting news of BLACK PANTHER, chat about the upcoming OBI-WAN series, and John explains his embarrassing attempt to show off in a video game.   Plus more of the usual gossip, rumors and nonsense.

NOVEMBER 10, 2021

This week, we find out exactly why

John looks so tired and why we 

skipped last week's episode!  

A first look at the new Scarlet Witch

and Spawn toys that just hit the

market, and more of the usual


OCTOBER 26, 2021

This week, we talk about the newest industry gossip - and our guest Steve challenges Jeff to a very Halloween themed competition - can you identify which FRIDAY THE 13th movie is being shown with just one slide?

OCTOBER 19, 2021

On this week's program, we talk about the exciting events at DC Fandome, a video game world record is attempted, and John sees if this suspicious spicy blue chip can replace his beloved lost Taco Doritos.

OCTOBER 12, 2021

On this week's program, the guys 

discuss THAT recent revelation in the pages of Superman, chirp about the finale of WHAT IF, and John tries a new snack as he eagerly awaits the return of Taco Doritos to the market.

So if it’s not on that list, you aren’t interested at all?

Not necessarily.   There are so many cool collectibles out there, and just because we haven’t listed it doesn’t mean we’re not interested. However, we can give you a good general idea of some of the things we’re probably NOT going to be interested in.


• COMIC BOOKS WITH WATER DAMAGE –  You can spot these easily by the wrinkled appearance of the cover or interior pages, when they should be smooth and flat.  If it’s a major key book, we might make an exception – but our customers expect their books to be free or moisture.


• COMIC BOOK TIE-INS to TV SHOWS or MOVIES -  For example....SMALLVILLE, JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES, Fox’s animated SPIDER-MAN and X-MEN series, etc.  There’s always exceptions – we’ll always buys BATMAN ADVENTURES #12.   But for the most part, there’s no market for those media tie-in books.


•  VALIANT, MALIBU, EARLY IMAGE COMICS - Bring them in, there's always exceptions.

However, the vast majority of independent titles from the 90s – many of the indy comics, the very early Image comics that don’t feature Spawn - we probably already have more than we need.  Here’s a good rule of thumb: if it’s a title that you’ve never heard of and no one is currently making a television show or movie about it, it’s probably not going to have many buyers.


• LOOSE TOYS – We generally don't market unpackaged action figures.   We'll also usually

pass on toys that were primarily marketed towards young children, or figures in seriously battered and damaged boxes.


• USED TRADE PAPERBACKS –  We do sometimes buy trade paperbacks, but we’re very selective about what we buy in used condition.  In many cases, if we need a particular title, we can order it new from our distributor.


•  NON-SPORT TRADING CARDS – Generally, no.  The trading card market is seriously thin these days.  We may make exceptions for complete runs of popular sets (Hildebrandt Art cards, Marvel legends, pin-up art) but even those can be slow sellers.  Most sets, especially incomplete sets, are just not what we’re looking for right now.


• Early edition DUNGEONS & DRAGONS books and materials – These are great for nostalgic value, but they aren’t heavily collected.  Most modern players tend to stick to the most recent expansion.


• SPORTS MEMORABILIA – It’s not just a market we’re knowledgeable enough about, and we don’t believe it’s worth offering sports memorabilia unless you’re going to devote a sizable portion of the store to it.  So no sports at this time.


• WIZARD MAGAZINES and similar fanzines -  These magazines are cool, but they were only relevant the month they came out.  With few exceptions, no one really collects these types of magazines anymore.  


• COINS, STAMPS, CIGAR LABELS, OLD NEWSPAPERS, NON POP-CULTURE RELATED MAGAZINES -  We love the historic value of these cool things, but these are better suited for a vintage or antique store.   We specialize in comics, action figures and pop-culture collectibles, not Life Magazines or Hummel Figurines.


• LIVESTOCK – We don’t care how much milk it produces.  We’re not buying animals.


How do we decide how much to 

offer for things we want to buy?


We choose our products on a number of factors. 

Current demand, condition of the item, do we have it in stock or not? - these all play a part in our decision.    We typically pay between 15% to 60% of what we plan to sell a book for, depending on how likely we feel it will be to sell the item.


But I want 90 to 95% of the full value!

Totally understandable, and it’s your collectible - you have that right.  But if you want the full value of your item, you have to do what we do....sit on it until you find a customer willing to buy it at that price.   Most people know this of course, but we’re always surprised how many people seem to be surprised by this.   If we want to keep the lights on and the rent paid, then we have to turn a profit on products that we purchase, just like any other brand-new inventory that we order for our shelves.


But what if I have a very, VERY high end collectible?  I know you have a

business to run, but can’t you offer me a better deal?

Let’s say you have a book that’s worth $1,000.  You can’t use anything less than $800, but you don’t want to search for a customer to buy it and you don’t trust on-line sales.  There’s always consignment.   With a consignment deal, we’ll offer you a much larger cut of the sale.   This is a great way to work with very high end collectibles that we know will likely sell fast for a good price.  Let us represent your item, both in the store and through our website stores.   If it doesn’t sell, you can pick it up and take it home.  If it does, we’ll give you up to 70% of the sale.   So if you have a copy of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #300 or INCREDIBLE HULK #181 that you don’t want to be low-balled on, talk to us.  We’ll find you a buyer and get you a fair price.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us!

NOVEMBER 30, 2021

This week, we chat about 


first two episodes of the new

HAWKEYE series!  Plus, John learns

a new German phrase!  It's all on

this week's A MINUTE WITH THE