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In this comic, the tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes begins!  Here’s the stats on this key issue in Legion history.



• Cover shows significant wear,  and is detatched at the bottom staple.  Cover reflectivity is average.  Book length creases, dimples and other wear and tear present.   


• Interiors pages are off-white to light tan, but not brittle.  The interiors look decent overall, and all pages are intact.


• Moderate spine roll is present, much more noticeable on the reverse side


• We’ve estimated the grade on this book to be a 2.0.


PLEASE NOTE:  We are professional comic book retailers, but we are not professional comic book graders like our friends from CGC.    Out estimation of this book’s condition is just that – it’s an estimate.   But it’s an estimate made by comic book retailers with a great eye for detail and a superb sellers record, so we have done our best to give you our best appraisal.   Please feel free to ask any questions if you feel we’re off by at least a point in our grading.

ADVENTURE COMICS #300 (DC Comics, 1962) 2.0 condition

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