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The Adventurers are world heroes.  But new enemies are waiting to capitalize on the powers of our unsuspecting champions.

Following the battle with Sol Terminus, the heroes begin to recover from the loss of their mentor (and their innocence) and their friend Jeff—-while dealing with the legalities of operating as super-heroes. At the same time, the team is dealing with an attack from Arsenic, Armada and Onyx….they’ve been hired to bring back some DNA of the heroes to a criminal mastermind, by any means necessary! This trade paperback also features five other short stories, written and illustrated by a host of other artists! Jason DeGroot, Pedro LaBoy, Gabriel Rosswell, Robert James Hack and Troy Britt all contribute to this slick collection! The half-human children of alien refugees emerge as young adults in Chicago with amazing super-powers. Determined to make the world a better place for humanity, they battle injustice as THE ADVENTURERS.


Super-Hero /  B/W  /  110 pages

Contains mild violence and language  - $10.00

Adventurers Vol. 2: The Season of Uncertainty

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