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It’s the super-hero you’ve never heard of!  He’s fast!  He’s red!  He’s Ralph Hardy, famed zoologist with a mouchtache by day-----the mighty Jaguar with the clean-shaven face by night!  


He's been re-booted dozens of times since his debut in 1961, and not once has it really excited fans.   But dammit, the Jaguar never gives up!   Thrill to all of his original adventures when you add this vintage comic to your collection!


We feel this book is in 4.0 condition.   It’s bright and intact, but it does show wear, color breaks and one instance of chipping along the edges of the front cover, while the back cover shows tears and chips along the bottom edge.

ADVENTURES OF THE JAGUAR #1 (Archie Comics, 1961) 4.0

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