FRONT COVER:  The front cover has minor cover wear beginning to show (along the spine, and there is a minor color break on the bottom right corner), but the inks are generally bright with a minor reduction if reflectivity.
BACK COVER:  The back cover is bright and attractive.   There is a minor impression (dent) near the bottom staple, but it does not result in color loss, stain, tear or rips of any kind.
INTERIOR PAGES:   The interior pages are intact, well attached to the cover.   The pages are clean and off-white, without tears or writing.
CORNERS:  Corners are squared, very minor blunting beginning to set in.
INDENTATIONS AND STAINS:   No soiling or staining were seen.
SPINE:  The spine is flat, with no spine roll.  The spine reveals dents and color breaks alongside the spine, but is very intact.
We feel that this book might possibly qualify for a 7.5, but in the interest of showing absolute transparency for this type of book, we're going to play it safe and declare it at a 7.0 condition.   Please shoot us any questions if you have them!

Amazing Spider-Man #111