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• Front and back cover shows reduced reflectivity in color   Cover shows significant wear, including several instances of chipping along the top and upper right edges, and small rips and wear along the bottom edge.

There is a ½ inch section going along the bottom of the back cover that is darker than the rest of the book – possibly from exposure to bright light for a prolonged period?


• Interior pages are tan, and are fairly supple.   No interior pages missing, and no writing or tears detected inside.


• Corners are blunted.


• The spine shows significant loss of color due to heavy handling over the years.  Spine roll is nearly absent.


•  Staples.  Okay.  I’m not an expert at this – but the staples are in a strange place.   It’s not directly in the centerfold, but 1/16th of an inch from the centerfold seam.   At first we thought that the original staples might have been removed and replaced with different staples, but there are no “staples holes” visible on the centerfold that I’d expect if the original staples had been removed.    So in our opinion, this book was stapled by the printer in the wrong spot.   It doesn’t affect readability of the book, all artwork can be seen on every page without tearing the book.


•  Our estimated grade on this book is 3.0.



PLEASE NOTE:  We are professional comic book retailers, but we are not professional comic book graders like our friends from CGC.    Our estimation of this book’s condition is just that – it’s an estimate.   But it’s an estimate made by comic book retailers with a great eye for detail and a superb sellers record, so we have done our best to give you our best appraisal.   Please feel free to ask any questions if you feel we’re off by at least a point in our grading.

Amazing Spider-Man #5 (1963) 3.0 condition

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