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FRONT COVER:  The front cover shows moderate wear, but remains firmly attached to the book.   The cover is flat and the colors are very bright, the most significant examples of wear are around the edges of the book.   There is a half-inch rip in the top edge of the cover (right above the word "THE" in the logo) and the tip of the bottom right corner has been torn.   Chips and color breaks on the bottom edge.
BACK COVER:  The back cover shows less wear than the front cover, but there is a built-up of yellowing on the back cover.   Some minor chips and tears visible on the edges, small tear on the bottom left corner.
INTERIOR PAGES:   The interior pages are intact, well attached to the cover.   The pages are clean, appearing tan in color - the pages are supple with nearly no amount of brittleness.   It's a pretty nice looking interior.
CORNERS:  Corners are blunted, but intact.   The tip of the bottom right corner of the front cover has been torn.
INDENTATIONS AND STAINS:   No major stains or indentations were spotted.
SPINE:  The spine is flat, with no spine roll.  There is a small tear in the spine, at the bottom of the book, extending 1/8th of an inch.
OUR ESTIMATED CONDITION:  5.0  - possibly a 6.0, but we'll play it safe and call it a 5.0.

Avengers #16 (1965)

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