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COVER - Minor to moderate cover wear apparent, although the colors are nice and bright.   There are small markings near the boots of the man in  yellow on the cover.    The edges of the cover have wear, a few minor tears and are beginning to show signs of brittleness.
BACK COVER - Quite clean looking.  There is a small tear on the top edge of the book.
INTERIOR PAGES - Paper is tan and supple, brittleness has not set in yet.   All pages are intact, although the centerfold pages are beginning to tear away from the staples. 
CORNERS - Corners are blunted
STAINS -   There are some odd stains on two of the pages, visible in the word balloons.   (It's almost as if someone was using a marker to write on a piece of paper with this comic underneath the paper, and some of the ink began to bleed through.  Savages!)
SPINE - Creases and tears are visible on several places up and down the spine of the book.   The book shows moderate spine roll.
We feel that this book might possibly qualify for a 5.0, but in the interest of showing absolute transparency for this type of book, we're going to play it safe and declare it at a 4.0 condition.   Please shoot us any questions if you have them!

BATMAN #143 (1961)

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