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Jennifer Dunnigan has never been an angel. She’s lived a selfish life of sin, hedonism and bad choices. But everyone deserves a second chance.The good news: she has been chosen as her family's newest Paladin, with access to wild magic to help her on her journey to redeem the sins of her past. The bad news: this Louisiana bad girl doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing.If she dies before she compensates for every sin on her list, a demon that’s trapped within her soul will escape, consume her completely, and freely walk the Earth! (And there are certain people that will go to any length to see her killed before she reaches her true potential, as she discovers one night on a drug and alcohol fueled bender with her sadistic boyfriend.)


This is the first installment of a five-issue mini-series, published by Screaming Monkey Comics; written and illustrated by John Yeo Jr.

Jenny Dunnigan: Paladin #1

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