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Ambitious attempt at creative a progressive story?  Unintentionally racially insensitive?  There’s a lot of school of thoughts on the classic Lois Lane issue, “I Am Curious (Black)” but it still stands out as one of the most interesting Lois Lane stories as she transforms into a black woman in order to get the true scoop about a story from people who wouldn’t otherwise trust her due to her race.


They’re hearts were in the right place, but so many questions.  Were there NO black reporters on the Daily Planet staff who could have taken over the investigative work?   Wouldn’t there be an easier way to disguise oneself without stepping into the Kryptonian Body Mold machine?   So many questions….


Here’s the details on this bronze age issue:


  • The cover is bright and attractive.  The cover shows a number of creases and ripples, and there are a number of ticks going down the spine.
  • The back cover is also bright, with a minimal amount of rippling present on one section of the edge.  (Right next to the AURORA MODEL MOTORING logo.)
  • The interior pages are off-white, but clean and intact.  No major rips or tears were spotted, and the interior is firmly attached to the cover.



Our estimation of this book is 7.0.

LOIS LANE #106 (DC Comics, 1970) Classic race issue (FN / VF)

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