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The Elven Princess known as Arwen comes to the rescue of Frodo Baggins after he is stabbed by the Morgul blade of the Witch King.  She puts the young hobbit on her horse, Asfaloth, and rushes him to Rivendell.  Only Elven medicine can save the life of the gravely rounded Ringbearer.


Arwen has a light up action (the batteries may need to be replaced, we’re not sure – the box has never been opened) and the horse has exciting galloping action.


Frodo just sits there and slowly dies.


This 2001 deluxe package from Toy Biz is in excellent condition, although there are minor signs of wear on the corners.  

LORD OF THE RINGS - Arwen and Asfaloth (and Frodo) – Toy Biz 2001

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