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The Omega Men was an group of space-exploring adventurers that would never achieve the popularity of other similar groups like the Legion of Super-Heroes or the Guardians of the Galaxy.


But the third issue was prominent for introducing the world to the Czarnian bounty hunter calling himself Lobo.


In his first appearance, he appeared in a skintight purple and orange outfit.   He would later be re-introduced in Justice League International appearing more like the character he’s known as today.


This book is in 7.0 condition.   The appearance is bright and clean, but there is an accumulation of grime on the back cover, and a corner crease on the top right front cover.



Our estimation of this book is 7.0.



  • NOTE: We are professional comic book retailers, but we are not professional comic book graders like our friends from CGC. Out estimation of this book’s condition is just that – it’s an estimate. But it’s an estimate made by comic book retailers with a great eye for detail and a superb sellers record, so we have done our best to give you our best appraisal. Please feel free to ask any questions if you feel we’re off by at least a point in our grading.



OMEGA MEN #3 (DC Comics, 1983) 1st appearance of Lobo (7.0)

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