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The world's most clueless prostitute is about to change the world's worst bounty hunter.

In this collection of the 2021 mini-series, we meet a young hooker from Gary named Sadie McSnatch.   She's a sweet girl and a loyal friend, but she comes to the realization that being a street walker isn't a great way to make a living.  After a chance conversation with a bail bondsman, she decides to try her hand at becoming a bounty hunter.   Will our sunny (and occasionally topless) heroine succeed, or is she about to get totally in over her blonde head?  

Collects SADIE McSNATCH: BOUNTY HUNTIN' ROAD WHORE #1, 2 and the SADIE McSNATCH short story from UNDISCOVERED MONKEY #1 -- as well as a whole treasure trove of pin-ups, behind the scenes scraps and unused covers.

Action/Comedy / Color / 90 Pages  

Contains nudity, language and sexual themes


Sadie McSnatch: The Whole Sordid Story TPB

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