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Rebekah is a young woman with an honest heart, despite being a daughter of Hell. She has money, power, influence and the privilege of going anywhere on Earth just by wielding the key she’s been entrusted with. She’s also a slave to her husband and his family of psychopathic monsters. One day, she abandons them all.

Cauldon is a respected guardian angel that tries to make the world a better place with every thought and deed. But one day, he left it all behind and hid on Earth with a dagger he stole from the vaults of Heaven’s arsenal. He’s not sure who wanted to use it and why, but he knows it’s safer with him than the ones he stole it from.


These two unlikely souls yearn for a normal life on Earth – but being who they are, such a wish might be asking for too much. They would have moved Heaven and Hell for a simple life. They never dreamed they would have had to fight them, too.


288 Pages - Contains language, violence, sexual situations

The Barren Dagger (Urban Supernatural Fantasy)

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