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In this classic silver age adventure of Thor, he takes on Loki (again) and we have the second appearance of The Absorbing Man.   





• Moderate cover wear, but is firmly attached to the book.   An accumulation of creases and dimples are present.  There is a tear at the top of the spine (near Thor’s face in the corner logo) and several instances of chipping exists on the top and bottom edges of the front and back cover.

Care should be taken when handling the book, as the cover is showing signs of brittleness.


• Paper is tan, and is supple with no signs of brittleness or major tears / rips.


• Corners are blunted and bent.


• An accumulation of ticks and small tears are visible on the spine.


• We’ve estimated the grade on this book to be a 3.0.

Journey Into Mystery #115 (1965) 3.0 - GD/VG

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