Upcoming Events !


We are currently running organized Magic: The Gathering events,  Dungeons and Dragons, Yu-Gi-Oh and Heroclix events.  If there's any organized games that you and your friends would like us to sponsor (Warhammer, Cards Against Humanity, Competitive Twister, whatever....) please get in touch with

us and we'll talk about adding it to our gaming schedule. 

NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! (Every Tuesday and Wednesday)

It's what we're all about.  We love comics, and we love talking about them.  DC COMICS come out on Tuesdays, and MARVEL and all other indy titles drop on Wednesdays.  Not only that, but all of the other recent released comics still on the racks are 25% off the cover price during those two days  (this doesn't include the brand new releases.)  So stop in and take a look at what's available before they vanish.   

Or consider getting a subscription - we'll hold your favorites for you so you'll never miss your favorite title.


We hold several games during the month, so don't miss your chance to win some packs, or perhaps snag a few promo cards.   Monday games begin at 6:00 p.m., and Friday games begin at 7:00 p.m.

SAT. JULY 30 - CHAOS DRAFT TOURNAMENT - $20 entry - grab 3 packs & make the best deck possible

FRI. AUG. 6 - JUMP / START DRAFT - $15 Entry - The perfect format for novices and experts alike! 

SUN. AUG. 8 -  CHAOS DRAFT TOURNAMENT - $20 entry - grab 3 packs & make the best deck possible

MON. AUG. 9 -  MODERN TOURNAMENT - $10 entry - One of toughest challenges out there!

FRI. AUG. 13 - COMMANDER - $10 entry - It's multiplayer madness in this popular format

FRI. AUG. 20 - PIONEER - $20 entry - The grand prize: a box of FORGOTTEN REALMS set boosters

SAT. AUG. 21 -  MYSTERY PACKS ARE BACK -  It's a $20 draft, with lots of prizes for the winners

MON. AUG. 23 - MODERN TOURNAMENT - $10 entry - One of the toughest challenges out there!

FRI. AUG. 27 - MYSTERY PACKS ARE BACK - It's a $20 draft, with lots of prizes for the winners

DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS (Every Wednesday Night)

CRITICAL CHAOS invites you to join the Wednesday Night D & D game!  It runs from 6:30 to approximately 9:00, and is designed to be accessible to new players as well as veterans looking for a new group to adventure with.   Admission is free - so grab your sword (or halberd, battle axe, bag of spells, whatever) and join us for a night of role-playing adventure!  

The Last WEDNESDAY of the month is our BUNNY SLOPES CAMPAIGN - everyone is invited, but it's

specifically designed for new players who just want to try out D & D and see what the fun is about!


Heroclix Events runs every other Saturday at 1:00 p.m. - There will be three one-hour rounds, constructed from 300-point teams.   Entry fees are $10 for standard games, and $30 for sealed booster pack tournaments - with Store Credit Gift Certificates (and occassionally LE figures) up for grabs.   




Entry Fee - $30 •  X-MEN vs AMAZONS Event

Oh boy, anything can happen!  In our first round, all players will open a pack of WONDER WOMAN booster packs and build a 200-point team.   In our second round, players open a pack of X-MEN

ANIMATED SERIES booster packs and create another 200 point team.   In rounds three and four, you're

allowed to combine the two teams into a flawless 300 point team to finish off the day.   



Round one - Create a 200 point team from a single pack of the new X-MEN Heroclix.

Round two - Create another 200 point team from your second pack of your X-MEN set.

Round three - Create a 300 point team made of any figures from your two X-MEN packs.

Round Four -  Players may reconfigure their team for round four - but you are still limited to the 

   figures that you got from your two X-Men Heroclix boosters.

Up for grabs in our games are booster packs, LE figures and other special prizes!


We figured out a way to make C.A.H. a competitive tournament.    The entry fee is $7.00, and the prize will be gift certificates to the store.    We’ll supervise the game as all players struggle to create the cards that will win them enough points to take the main prize! 


If you have any questions about our events - or if you'd like to get a totally different game going - please get in touch with us.   All events on this calendar are subject to change, feel free to call prior to visiting.