Upcoming Events !

We are currently running organized Magic: The Gathering events and Heroclix events.  If there's any organized games that you and your friends would like us to sponsor (D & D, Warhammer, Cards Against Humanity, Yu-Gi-Oh, Competitive Twister, whatever....) please get in touch with

us and we'll talk about adding it to our gaming schedule. 

NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! (Every Tuesday and Wednesday)

It's what we're all about.  We love comics, and we love talking about them.  DC Comics drops on Tuesdays, and all other comics (Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite and all other indys comics) are released on Wednesdays.  Not only that, but all of the other recent released comics still on the racks are 25% off the cover price during those two days  (this doesn't include the brand new releases.)  So stop in and take a look at what's available before they vanish.   Or consider getting a subscription - we'll hold your favorites for you so you'll never miss your favorite title.


We hold several games during the month, so don't miss your chance to win some packs, or perhaps snag a few promo cards.   


HEROCLIX is a wildly fun tabletop game where heroes and villains from dozens of different universes can meet and do battle!    This month, we have the exciting X OF SWORDS TOURNAMENT: ACT ONE event.....a great sealed event that's part of the three-event series that leads up to the X OF SWORDS TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP in November!


Our former resident D & D Dungeon Master has relocated his current campaign to his home due to 

his new status as a working dad, and is not accepting new party members at this time.   Currently, we don't have a Dungeons & Dragons campaign running, but we'll update this page if that changes.

If you have any questions about our events - or if you'd like to get a totally different game going - please get in touch with us.   All events on this calendar are subject to change, feel free to call prior to visiting.