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Upcoming Events !

Is there a game or event you want to see here at Screaming Monkey?  Please let us know so we might add it later!


ATTENTION: As of this time, SCREAMING MONKEY COMICS is open during our regular hours, and we invite you stop by to pick up your favorite comics, toys and games.  But due to the current health crisis and in the interest in minimizing the spread of the Coronavirus, all of our normal games, events and tournaments are being suspended for the time being. When the world begins to edge back towards a bit of normalcy, we will be resuming our gaming events.  Please keep an eye on this page for further updates - and stay healthy out there!

NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! (Every Wedneday)

It's what we're all about.  We love comics, and we love talking about them.  New titles are released every Wednesday, and all new titles are 25% off the cover price for that day only.   So stop in and take a look at what's available before they vanish!   (Or consider getting a subscription - we'll hold your favorite books for you so you'll never miss your favorite title.)


We're hold several games during the month, so don't miss your chance to win some packs, or perhaps snag a few promo cards.   New players are welcome - if you do not yet have your DCI Number for MAGIC, we can register you before the event.   (And if you ARE new to the game, call in and request a demo.  It'll be fun, and you'll get a welcome deck as a reward!)

Entry fee is $5.00 for most events, but Draft Formats will have a higher entry fee to pay for draft packs.

Games will run 3 to 4 rounds depending on size of turnout.

We run Modern, Draft, Pauper, Pioneer and Commander formats - check the calendar for that night's game

We have no problem with changing the format of the night's game if the majority of players request it

If you are unfamiliar with the rules of a particular format, please ask for more information!

Entrance fees are used to fund the prize pool •  Registration begins 30 minutes prior to each event

DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS (Every Wednesday Night)

Chaotic Critical invites you to join the Wednesday Night League D & D game!  It runs from 5:00 to approximately 9:00, and is designed to be accessible to new players as well as veterans looking for a new group to adventure with.   Admission fee is $2.00 for the event - so grab your sword (or halberd, battle axe, bag of spells, whatever) and join us for a night of role-playing adventure!  You might even win a few prizes along the way.  Wednesday Night D & D is broadcast to internet-fan everywhere on Facebook!


Every Tuesday night, tune in to Facebook for our live MINUTE WITH THE MONKEY broadcast for industry news, rumors, and a little bit of levity.


Most Sundays are open play - stop by the store and have casual games with your friends, and you might meet some new friends while you're here!

If you have any questions about our events - or if you'd like to get a totally different game going - please get in touch with us.   All events on this calendar are subject to change, feel free to call prior to visiting.