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We have a lot of stuff in the store.  Like, a ridiculous amount of stuff. 

It's impossible to list everything we have.  (Well, not impossible...but time consuming.)  So we've endeavored to list the best of our inventory, as well as an awesome smattering of variety for you to check out.

By all means, if there's something you're looking for, please send us an e-mail to:  screamerboy23@hotmail.com


Shipping fees varies according to weight and whether it's domestic or international shipping.

But not to worry, we're going to break it down for you here.


We register all of our comics (including bag and board) with a weight of 0.2 pounds.

All action figures are given an average weight of 1.2 pounds, and statues are weighed at 2 pounds.

Purchases made together are combined in the same package.   (For example, if you purchased TWO comics - which has a combined weight of 0.4 pounds, your shipping fee will still be $4.00) 


So bearing that in mind, you can calculate what your shipping costs would be by totaling up your purchases and using this chart:


Under 1 pound        -      $4.00 

1 to 3 pounds          -      $7.00

3 pounds or more    -       $14.00 flat

Purchases of $75 or more enjoy free shipping


Under 1 pound         -      $20.00

1 to 3 pounds          -       $30.00

3 pounds or more     -       $40.00

Please note: INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING is expensive, and varies wildly from one country to another.

If the shpping price turns out to be LESS than what we charged you, we will refund the difference immediately.  (If it's more, you will not be charged.) These International Shipping fees are just an average, so we'll do our best to keep it fair for our friends around the world.  If you have questions, contact us at screamerboy23@hotmail.com.  Thanks!