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Listed below are titles that are going to the printer next week, and will be going on sale in a month.  These are books that we believe will sell out quickly - and we need to place our final orders on Saturday.

If you want any of these books (even if it's only the first issue) added to your subscription account, please use the form below to let us know - or just give us a call or an e-mail.    And if you don't have a subscription account, use the form anyway and we'll set you up with one.  An account is free, and you'll get 10 to 25% off the cover price when you order your books in advance!   

This week's FOC list is not available due to holiday delays.

Please check back later for additional udpates.


Here's the Hot Deals, kiddos!  We've put together some of the upcoming books that feature multiple covers and incentive variants, and we've broken it down for your convenience.   If you want any of these deals reserved for, then call, text or e-mail us before the deadline - we'll take care of the rest!

You can use this handy form to place your order - if you don't already have a subscription with our store, please don't forget to include your number so we can get in touch with you and confirm your order.   Thanks for your business!

• If you are not currently a regular subscriber, we will contact you when your request arrives.

We will be happy to hold it your request for up to 14 days, but it will be returned to the shelf for general sale if you neglect to pick it up.  If you have any other questions, please let us know!


Thanks for submitting!