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Thanks for visiting!  Scroll down below, and you'll get a peek at the comics, games and collectibles that we're taking final orders for!  Please note the dates, because anything on the LAST CALL page has deadlines that are coming up very soon!   

Whatchu want?

Thanks for checking out our site!  If you currently have an account with us here at Screaming Monkey Comics, just fill out this form and we'll add the items you've chosen to your account. 

In the case of comic book orders, we will assume that you only want the title and cover shown above.

If you were requesting an ongoing series be added to your account, or you wanted a different cover, please let us know in the special notes field below - or just contact us directly.

If you do not have an account with us, a deposit may be required for certain items.   If that's the case, we'll contact you by e-mail or phone to make arrangements - thanks so much for your business!

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                 GAMES and COLLECTIBLES coming soon!

Ooh, standard disclaimers!  The game and collectible market can be a dicey beast.

Here some pointers you need to know! 

• Our listed pre-order price is guaranteed.

• Sometimes products are delayed, due to unexpected production delays like paper shortages, shipping delays, or people just not coming to the factory to work.  Therefore, release dates are not guaranteed.

•  In the event that a product allocation prevents us from fulfilling all orders, pre-paid orders will be fulfilled first, in the order they were placed.  Any pre-paid orders we are unable to fulfill in a timely manner will be refunded.

•  If you're one of those folks who prefers for a product to hit the shelf before you order it, please be aware that after the cut-off date has passed, we won’t be able to adjust our orders.   So if we sell out of the product between the order due date and the day it arrives in stores, you'll be out of luck.   Making a pre-order is your best chance at getting any of these products without any hassle.

•   Please touch base with us if you have any questions about this product, or anything else we carry by calling (219) 301-7920 or sending us a message with the handy form at the top of this page!