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John's Books & Comics

Not "John's Books," like I own them.....these are "John's books" as in, I wrote them.  I've been dabbling in fantasy novels and the occasional comic book project for years.  If you have a thing about fan​tasy, a love of the supernatural, and an appreciation for wry humor, then step inside my library and enjoy one of my books.   THE BARREN DAGGER is my most recent novel.    If you think they would a great additions to your collection, you can purchase them here or on-line.   Thanks for stopping by my site!

All of my novels are also available on AMAZON, if you prefer shopping

with them!  Just click on the title of your choice below, and you can preview the first chapter of each book and then add it to your shopping cart!

The graphic novels & comics are exclusively available here at Screaming Monkey Comics.

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